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Sunday, January 3, 2010

an important milestone, done with Africa- in Australia now

Hi, thanks for looking at our blog.
The African chapter of our trip, is now finished, we had an amazing adventure in Africa and have now returned to my home country of Australia.
One, only one of our pack is likley to make it all the way with us. Zoe, the American bulldog is currently is quarantine bound for Australia. Marea failed blood tests required for immigration. Agatha died one night before getting on the plane. Ruby went crazy and we had to commit her to a insane cat assylum. (not really about Ruby - she lives with good ol' folk in Durban)
Marea, decided to get a blood disease called ehrlichia and had to be pulled out of quarantine, unable to go to Australia, we started traveling South African again with her not knowing what we were going to do. In Cape St. Francis (where the dogs run free on clean beaches and come and go freely in and out of restaurants and shops - dog paradise) i asked the owners of 'Stix' pub if they would like another dog, they said yes. Marea stayed where she belonged, from growing up on a beach long ago in Mexico, to now retiring on another in South Africa, she found her place.

We plan to live in Australia for awhile, if you have any questions about traveling here or in South Africa feel free to contact me - dmobbsy@hotmail.com
David Mobbs

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* after touring Botswana for a couple of months we have returned to South Africa to drop the dogs off into Quarantine pre shipment to Australia. But Marea failed a blood test so we must wait at leat six months to see if she clears and can go later.
* plan on heading to Worcester, near Cape Town to go to "Dhamma Pataka"-(Vipassana Meditation Center)and hang around there for a while
*South Africa has been really good to us this time, enjoying it.